Race Around the Lake



RATL Flag / Umbrella & Victory Vixen!

RATL Flag / Umbrella & Victory Vixen!

Aug 15 2017

Sponsored by
Young, Fabulous and Broke

Race Around the Lake is searching for the perfect lady to represent the event and the athletes that participate in the event!

Friday September 15th

Entree fee $45 includes your event passes, an umbrella girl tank top, shorts and a chance at winning $500.

To Enter - email Joanna Wolf @ joannawolf18@gmail.com or call (805)758-8969


Deadline to enter: September 12th

all contestants will be emailed prior to the event with details

2017 RATL Umbrella & Victory Vision Rules and details

  1. Contestants must be 18 and older. However we will allow 16 and 17 with parental consent.
  2. Contestants will be voted on by a panel of judges including the reigning RATL Girl.
  3. Contest will be held on September 15th, 9:00am check in for all contestants
  4. Flag girl contestants must wear appropriate attire while at the event, all 3 days, as you are a representative of the Race Around the Lake. During the weekend you may wear a swimsuit or bikini, when you are not working with us, but please NO THONGS! (Brazilian cut is fine)
  5. Inappropriate behavior, bad language and/or any other activities that could be damaging to the events reputation or the sponsors of the event by participants or their guests WILL NOT BE TOLLERATED AND PARTICIPANTS AND THEIR GUEST WILL BE DISQUALIFIED AND ESCORTED OUT OF THE PARK IMMEDIATELY!
  6. We reserve the right to disqualify any participant. Refunds will NOT be given to those that are disqualified.
  7. There will be one first place winner that will be deemed our RATL Girl for 2017. She will be the face of 2018 Race Around the Lake. She will also be the flag girl for our Media/Celebrity race. Last but not least she will have a photo shoot renowned photographer John Watkins WatkinsPhoto.com, and she will be allowed to use the photos for her personal portfolio. Pictures may also be used to promote future Race Around the Lake events.
  8. Every participant will be given our umbrella girl outfit and will have the opportunity to be an official Umbrella Girl for our races. The winner and the girls selected to be 2017 umbrella girls will not only participate with the races Friday but will also have the opportunity to participate for races Saturday September 16th and Sunday the 17th if they choose.
  9. Winner must also stay for photographs for next years Race Around the Lake.
  10. Participants will be photographed during this event, so with your participation you release all rights to Race Around the Lake to use these images on our website and other social media to promote our event in the future.
  11. Race Around the Lake reserves the right to cancel the event for any circumstance they feel deemable!